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Advertised as opening from 8am to 8pm, but be very careful - you need to have your wash in by 5:45pm (yes, thats a whole 2 hours and 15 minutes before closing time) to avoid being yelled at by the angry laundry lady! I've tried three times this week to wash my clothes here, turning up at 7:50pm, 7:30pm and 6:45pm (the last time having left work early) respectively, the first time it was closed and the second two times, despite much protesting, I was told I had missed the boat and to get lost. I've been re-wearing underwear for three days. Shan't bother again! One saving grace - the Saturday lady is quite nice, so if you must, go on a Saturday :-)   05-06-14
Tags: launderette, santram, washing