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So I rung up amber cars last night roughly about 17:00pm to book a cab in advance for roughly midnight (12:00am) and they advised me to book it online as they could not do it on the phone. So after the conversation on the phone I downloaded the app and booked my cab. All well and good until It got to midnight, I looked on the app and it said the cab had been cancelled!!!! After reading this I then phoned up amber cars and I spoke to someone that directed me to someone that directed me to someone which I was waiting for at least 10 minutes to even speak to anyone, after I got through to ‘the manager’ I explained what had happened and she then says that’s not her fault There’s nothing she can do, so after that I said well can you send a car out now for me and my heavily pregnant wife and she then says to me no sorry and hung up. I rung back up and asked to speak to the manager again and this took another 10 minutes to her through to her which when I did get through to her the attitude she had was disgusting and vile, saying there’s nothing she can do. She didn’t even say sorry for the inconvenience she just was so rude