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Avoid this shop like the plague!
I posted an item through this branch on Monday 28th October, the manager informed me the courier she uses is much better than royal mail and guaranteed an over night service, cost slightly more but i was impressed by her service, it's now 1st November and still no parcel, store sent parcel ti wrong depot so depot had to send it to correct depot, she guaranteed me would be there by 4pm, guess what, no parcel. ApC are refusing to help and saying branch is responsible, eli7at branch is saying APC responsible, no one admitting liability and that they have failed to deliver the service I paid for. I should have just walked down the road to the post office and paid the £7.20 for 2nd class. I am now having to get my bank to claim the money back, so branch manager if you are reading this, if you wont refund me then my bank will, you are a disgrace to the company you work for. She completely missold the delivery service to me.
Disgusting   01-11-19


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